Appointment Times

Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 10m to 12 pm

Our Team

The Vet

Dr Sylvia H. Kniesberg – Principal Veterinarian Qualifications – BSc BVMS

My parents emigrated from Germany and settled in Port Augusta, where I was born.

In our home, my Mum raised kangaroos, bred Seal Point Siamese Cats and as I remember we always had a dog.

I graduated being one of the first to graduate from Murdoch Veterinary School in 1979.

My first veterinary job was Christies Beach and Morphetvale. In 1981 I worked at Trinity Gardens and then did various locum work.

In 1982 I enjoyed a lovely 8 months vacation overseas. Visited England, Europe and USA. For one week I went to a Veterinary Conference in Salt Lake City, which was started by Mormons belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints of which I am a member.

I returned to Adelaide at a time when no work was available so I searched into starting my own practice, Glynde Veterinary Surgery.

I have four lovely children, that have been raised in the surgery since one week old; Rachael is involved in computer electronic boards and lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her partner Blake. Rebecca works at Essential Beauty store in Harbour Town Adelaide and is engaged to Nathan. They have given me two grandchildren Isla and Hudson. John is a Boiler Maker and has been mechanical supervisor in Port Hedland WA. Now John lives back in Adelaide with his partner Victoria. Isabelle my youngest, graduated from Tafe as a Graphic Designer. Is now working for Multi-Color Australia. All my children attended Norwood Morialta High School and have worked for me at the surgery.

At present I have now only one cat named Kitty a tabby that was rescued from a back yard at about 2-3 weeks old requiring some stitches from a cut. She is one that wants attention by her terms and can turn aggressive. I have 3 birds at work, Charlie, Lori and Bow. Rachael has a cat. Rebecca has 2 Cats and a Dog. John has 2 Dogs.

Animal Staff

Lefty the Pomeranian

Passed away 31 Dec 2016. Was besotted with his master, he had separation anxiety, was going deaf and had most likely a transitional cell tumour of the bladder.

Leo my last Pomeranian

He was to be euthanized as his third owner had died. He had severe allergies but was such a cute guy. I enjoyed his company for nearly 2 years. He then developed heart disease and parted this life on 22 April 2018.

Charlie – Short Billed Corella

Charlie says:

  • Hello! Hello Charlie!
  • What are you doing?
  • See you later!

Lori and Bow – 2 Rainbow Lorikeets

Lori is the tame one, had flown away from its owner he talks
Bow is a wild one , I have kept as a companion for Lori

The Nurses

Johanna (Marjan) Stephens Head Veterinary Nurse.

Isabelle Daw I.T Assistant.